Nelly Radeva - Founder and President of I Can Too


Who We Are:

I Can Too is a foundation in support of children with special needs.

I Can Too raises awareness about the hindrances children with special needs face and improve the quality of life of those children and their families.

History and Results:

I Can Too Foundation was established in 2006 as a private initiative by Nelly Radeva, a true believer that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. The Foundation exists entirely on a charity basis. Its activities are supported by donations from all areas of business and entertainment, private entities and individuals, and by the non-monetary partnership and support of the government.

The main idea of I Can Too is that everyone can join to support and contribute by whatever he or she CAN do best. Following this principle in 2008, in just five short months and entirely by in-kind donations, it established a rehabilitation center for children with disabilities in Sofia. Currently, the Center facilitates the rehabilitation of over 370 children each month.

I Can Too helps more than 250 children with special needs and their families and supports two existing centers (Centre for Hope for Children with Multiple Disabilities and Louis Braille School for Children with Visual Impairment, Sofia) - by directing donorsto them.

Many Bulgarian and international celebrities have become Ambassadors of I Can Too and have been spreading awareness of its mission and operations worldwide.

In 2012 I Can Too was registered in the US as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

The goal of I Can Too is to expand its activities in the USA and work together with other American and international organizations to improve the quality of life of more children and help their families through diagnostic and care facilities, patient education and raising awareness. The organization is developing a network of supporters and during the last year and in 2013 there have been many events, dedicated to I Can Too in major US cities. The foundation is involving individuals, businesses, and has the non-monetary support of the Bulgarian diplomatic missions across the US. Its current projects are focused on Bulgaria and the USA. In Bulgaria it has already made a great impact.

Current Projects:

Our efforts today are focused on establishing Centers for Autistic Children in various cities in Bulgaria, where spaces have been generously provided by the state establishments. There are over 16,000 registered cases of children afflicted by autism in Bulgaria, however, it is likely those numbers are much higher. (One in every 88 children has been diagnosed with autism worldwide).

Currently, for the renovation and completion of the Center in the city of Plovdiv, I Can Too needs to raise $130,000.

Nominations and Awards:


Forbes Magazine lists Nelly Radeva - Founder and President of I Can Too - among the 25 most influential women in Bulgaria.


- I Can Too won the award for Best Campaign of 2010.

- I Can Too was nominated by WCIF of Together Awards in two of the four categories - for The Best Campaign of NGO" and The Best Campaign of 2010.


- I Can Too Foundation was nominated by Bulgarian Helsinki Committee for Organization of the Year - for contribution in support of human rights.

- Nomination by Grazia Magazine - the founder and president of the foundation Nelly Radeva was nominated for Woman of the Year 2009 in the category Charity.

- Grazia Magazine Award - the faces of the foundation - pop singers Alex Raeva, Maria Ilieva, Krista and Viky from Mastilo Band - won the award Ambassador of I Can Too for their engagement as ambassadors of good will, which serves as a positive example in the society.

Take Action:

I Can Too invites you to join by supporting the programs and raising awareness of the mission worldwide.

We believe that everyone CAN help… create a better world!

You CAN Too!


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