Realized funds from donations and activities of I Can Too

I Can Too helps disabled children in adapting their homes

I Can Too supports children with special needs.
The long-term goal of the Foundation is to adapt homes for disabled children. I Can Too has been working on this project since 2009.

Nadezhda Dimitrova is a child with multiple disabilities.
I Can Too's activities helped making Nadezhda and her family
s life easier by making their home accessible for the child.

"Nadezhda is able to move freely and safely at home, thanks to the support of I Can Too" - says her mother, Zoya Trifonova.

Funds donated from the initiatives of the foundation have been implemented to build a mobile platform (elevator) for Nadezhda, which allows the access for wheelchairs. The external environment of the apartment has been adapted by putting an aligned path in the grass which leads to the special elevator for wheelchairs. In the apartment itself the flooring has been upgraded and insulation has been made, the thresholds and barriers have been removed, the doors extended, railings and ramps placed. Their home has been equipped with all the necessary facilities.

Such housing can function as a day care center in which up to three children with disabilities can stay during the day.
I Can Too aims at supporting and adapting more houses /centers/ for disabled children.

Realized Donations 2011

Financial Statements of I Can Too Foundation for 2011 can be found in the Central Register of NGOs at the Ministry of Justice.

Realised Donations 2010

1. Support for the Creation of a Center for Autic Children in the city of Plovidv:

    - Raiffeisen Bank Fundraising initiative Choose to Help –  donation of 6,105 BGN

    - Elena Nikolova – donation of 1,000 BGN.

    - Lidiya Bozarova – donation of 200 BGN. 

2. International Conference Industry and Innovation 2010 organized by B2B -  popularizing the mission and ideas of I Can Too. 

3. Support for Center for Hope for children with multiple disabilities and for Louis Braille School for Visually Impaired Children, which are housed under the same roof:

- Company Air Liquide Bulgaria donated diapers and supplies worth 1000 BGN as part of their Christmas Fundraiser;


Sofia Rental Residence furnished the building with colored TV sets;


- I Can Too consistently directs donors to the Center and the School for the Visually Impaired Children – to help with clothes, food, office equipment and others.  

4. Support for adapting the home of Nadezda Dimitrova – a child with multiple disabilities.

Donations to the value of 2,615 BGN collected from Sofia Rental Residence and other private donors were directed to Nadezda Dimitrova and used to help with:

- Securing access to outside elevator in the building complex for wheel chairs;  

- Leveling the ground outside the building and making an alley way through the grass;

- Funding toward the building of a platform for wheel chairs outside the building (in order to avoid carrying the chair up and down the stairs);

- Buying life saving and life sustaining medicines, supplies, vitamins and supplements;

- Paying for medical examinations and tests;

- Detoxing bio-resonance therapy. Purchasing a chelator from Switzerland.


5. Support for the twins Kosta and Zornica, children with multiple disabilities from the city of Vratza:  

- The amount of 300 BGN collected from International Party Chick & Cozy was used for the purchase of a portable chemical toilet and chemicals for its usage.

- The charity event organizers donated a laptop computer to the twins;

- Fundraising exhibit in Anima Gallery – donations to the value of 900 BGN were used to cover urgent medical needs in the family;

-  Eldom Invest Ltd donated a new water-heater to the family. 


6. Support for Emilian Oktai Demira child with disabilities from the city of Russe.

„Funky Monkey Kindergarten” donated 300 BGN from a Christmas charity bazaar, which have been added to a fund for the purchasing of a walker for the child.   

7. Support for Maria Popovaa child with multiple disabilities from the city of Veliko Tarnovo.

The collected funds were directed the family for purchasing medicines, vitamins and pampers, and for covering urgent medical needs:

- Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce – 849 BGN were donated at a charity cocktail organized by the Chamber of Commerce;

- From music events – Music Jam for I Can Too – donations for 100 BGN;

- From Spring Exhibit-Auction of child paintings, organized by I CAN TOO at the Art Gallery Arosita, funds to the value of 300 BGN were collected.


8. Support for the Integration of Children in Need.

In the month of July 2011, I Can Too ambassadors, the group X-Ray, organized a concert the Aleko Chalet to popularize the mission and ideas of I Can Too. I Can Too assisted in the transportation of children in need to the event and in taking them out in the nature. 

9. I Can Too acts as intermediary between donors and families and children in need throughout the year. 

10. Organizing information campaigns for popularizing the problems of the children in need and the ideas of I Can Too throughout the year. 

11. Popularizing of the ideas and mission of I Can Too to help children in need through events organized by partners of the organization:

- Alley of Health Expo – organized by Medikus;

- Christmas charity bazaar in Business Part Sofia;

- Musical festivals - Spirit of Burgas and Apolonia. 

12. Making of video clips for songs dedicated to I Can Too, popularizing text message number 1415 for the collection of funds for children in need.

/The videos were realized with the gratuitous assistance of the whole team./ 

- Video clip for Toni’s song „How Long”

With the support of: Vasco Stefanov (director), Vladimir Mihaylov (cameraman), Viktor Dimchev/ Travel TV/ (equipment and team on the set), Slav and Anna Andreeva (make-up), Huben Hubenov (styling), Sklada (recording space), Fix Mix and Laura Catering (catering).

- Video clip for the song of Tri O Five „Nowhere to go”

With the support of: Temelko Temelkov (director), Petko Lungov (cameramen), Viktor Dimchev/Travel TV (equipment), Alexander Osenski and Mikael Stefanov (marketing), Slav (make-up), Huben Hubenov (styling), Fashion House Peek & Cloppenburg (wardrove), Ivet Fashion, OMV Bulgaria, Pro Cinema, Laura Catering, Sofia Live Club, Sofia Studio, Ivan Boyabjiev (retro car), Kaliakria Resort, Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort.

- Song of D2 “ I Can Too”

I CAN TOO received the support of world famous stars Slash, Matt Sorum and Lanny Cordola, who donated the song “Hands Together” for the aims of the initiative.

The musicians chose D2 as the group to make the Bulgarian version of the song. 

13.  Advocacy in the form of media events, outdoor advertising and other promotion materials, popularizing initiatives of I Can Too in support of children in need.  

With the support of: WALL, Banda, Studio Proto, Billboard Print, Sofia Live Club, CASE, Laura Catering. 

14. Start of the initiative Green Line - I Can Too

Companies who joined the initiative in 2010: Mirta Medicus, Furniture House NIDO, Restaurant CRU, Travel Store Maker. 

YOU CAN TOO support these children. 

I Can Too thanks all donors for the trust rendered and the commiseration expressed! The funds have been directed according to the donors’ will.

Financial Statements of I Can Too Foundation for 2010 can be found in the Central Register of NGOs at the Ministry of Justice.

Realised Donations 2009

Funds and donations are in support of Center for disabled chidren "Center for Hope", families of disabled children and the Center for Autistic Children Plovdiv:

1. Charity initiative of Maxsport, Bulgarian Ski Federation and I Can Too "Bring to us your old winter jacket, and we'll give it to someone who needs it".
Collected jackets I Can Too donates to the Foundation "Center for Hope". They were distributed among children and adults with disabilities and to the school for children with visual problems "Loui Braile".

2. I Can Too helped to purchase special equipment for children with multiple disabilities.
The devices were purchased from Bayer Bulgaria Ltd., with which they expressed their social responsibility.
* For Rosen Karamfilov, Sofia: Vertical standing device Ormesa Standy 4 - 2538 BGN
* For the twins Ilian and Daniel, Sofia:
- Vertical standing device: Dondolino2 на стойност - 2390 BGN
- Walking device Dinamiko1 на стойност - 1360 BGN

3. Financial support for adapting the houses of disabled children to facilitate access for wheelchairs.

4. providing of medicines for children with multiple disabilities.

5. Financial support for rehabilitation, psychological-pedagogical rehabilitation and other treatments.

6. Financial support in transportation of disabled children at public services and getting children out the social isolation.

7. Financil support for legal services and legal protection of families of disabled children. Representation in the Commission for Protection from Discrimination and the State administration.

8. Financial support at arranging of meetings with international medical experts in Bulgaria.

9. Directing of sponsors and donors to Centers for disabled children and individual families:
- Bayer Bulgaria - financed expensive technical devices for Danny, Ilian, Rosen Karamfilov;
- Providing of office equipment, computers, food at school for children with visual problems "Loui Braille";
- Participation of children with disabilities in concerts, media events, etc.

10. Financial support for the education of children related to disabled children.

11. Consultations, mediation, specialized information from the office of I Can Too foundation

12. Organizing of charity concerts, exhibitions and other social art events popularizing the children in need.

Financial Statements of I Can Too Foundation for 2010 can be found in the Central Register of NGOs at the Ministry of Justice.

Realised Donations 2008

1. From initiatives of I Can Too:
- From I Can Too foundation : 14 000 BGN
- June 3 - Day of Open Gates, organized by I Can Too: 2250 BGN
- From sponsors after the Day of Open Gates in June 3 - labour and materials: 54 500 BGN
- From the initiative Chervilo for I Can Too: 3 300 BGN
- From The Day of I Can Too - 15.12.2008 г.: 8 227 BGN
- Company "Villa Ljubimets" - partner of I Can Too - bought orthopaedic equipment for the children in the Medical centre

2. From sponsors in materials for the Medical centre: 25 540 BGN
The funds are used for the building, renovation and equipment of the specialized cabinets of the Centre:
Renovation works:
- fitting up granitogress;
- fitting up sanitary faience;
- purchasing and setting of special antibacterial flooring in the cabinets, provided by Swiss company "Tarket";
- by donations from the initiatives of I Can Too foundation were completely equipped logopaedic cabinet in the Centre;
- purchasing of two couches for physiotherapy cabinets.

Medical Centre for Children with Disabilities - Students Town, Sofia

Realised Activities in Support of Centre for Children with Disabilities "Nadejda" and Families with Disabled Children in Need:

1. Providing of life-necessary and life-supporting drugs, consumables and vitamins from Germany. Drugs mainly for the side effect control of epilepsy medicine and drugs for first medical aid;

2. Providing contacts with specialists from Munich clinics for therapy of children with disabilities - plain tickets, meetings., etc.
Information about the Kethogenic diet (medical treatment that without practice in Bulgaria) and the results from treatment of resistant epilepsy;

3. Organizing and directing of donations to centres and families in need:

1) Company "Oracle" provide modern office equipment for the studies of The School for Children with Visual Problems "Loui Braile";
2) Company "Bella Bulgaria" (Partner of I Can Too) provided foodstuffs for several Centres in need;
3) Company "Laura Catering" (Partner of I Can Too), provides regularly food and drinks to Centres in need;

4. Providing of Juridical support to families with disabled children by the intercession of lawyer Silvi Gavrilov;

5. Directing of specialists and volunteers to work with children with problems in development. Rilka Kirilova - special pedagogue - working in the sector of children with multiple disabilities in The School for Children with Visual Problems "Loui Braile";

6. I Can Too realized a contact between Holland and Bulgarian families with disabled children. A campaign organized by the Holland families in Bulgaria gave start to the periodically supplying with important technical and orthopaedic appliances and accessories.

Financial Statements of I Can Too Foundation for 2008 can be found in the Central Register of NGOs at the Ministry of Justice.


Realised Donations 2007

The initiatives of the Foundation in 2007 include raising funds through SMS at short number 14 15 and calling at 09005 14 15; selling tickets for The Christmas Acoustic concert of D2 rock band and selling Christmas cards. All these helped I CAN TOO realize the following:

1. Help for Nadezhda / - a child with multiple disabilities:

* Buying a combine for walking
* Sponsoring two surgical life-saving operations
* Buying an outer elevator for transportation
* Buying a computer for Nadezhda
* Financial support for the education of Vyara /Nadezhda's sister and parent in reserve/ who enrolled in The National Academy of Music as a student of opera singing.

Financial Statements of I Can Too Foundation for 2007 can be found in the Central Register of NGOs at the Ministry of Justice.

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