Bulgaria - Accessible to Everyone. I Can Too


In May 2009 I Can Too starts the initiative "Bulgaria - Accessible to Everyone. I Can Too". 
It aims to make society think about the constant standing problem of inaccessibility of cities for people with disabilities.

Through this initiative I Can Too appeals to business, politics, government and private organizations to join in a nation-wide solving of this problem.

The main goal of the initiative is to initiate construction of ramps, lifts and other devices for disabled people in schools, kindergartens, libraries, universities, theaters etc.

For the purposes of the initiative was made a special vision.

"There is no place for you to walk on, start to fly again"

Words of the Bulgarian poet Toma Markov which unify very well the two aspects of this initiative: one that nothing can stop the flight of dreams and second - the social, presenting the reality faced by people with disabilities in Bulgaria.

The aim of the initiative is to put an accent on this pressing problem and to provoke the civil society to take part in resolving it.



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