Give Hope! Change a Child's Life!


Initiative of I CAN TOO unites artists from around the world to help children with special needs. Artists create a collection of unique I CAN TOO cards which YOU CAN collect TOO and give a happy course to hundreds of children's stories.


I CAN TOO organizes a charity art initiative. It was inspired by the story of one of the children which the foundation supports - Vesi Gospodinova, 14. Vesy was diagnosed with optical muscular dystrophy at birth. Thanks to the support of I CAN TOO Foundation she improved her vision after a number of special procedures and now she CAN see thirty-two percent (32%) with the right eye.

Impressed by the will of the girl and her family, the creators of the initiative decide to tell the story of Vesy. One extraordinary and motivating story about the faith in good and change, which gives hope to hundreds of other children with special needs. A tale that shows us how together we really can help these children.


The project is joined by artists from around the world who recreate forty frames of the life of Vesy. Twenty of them were turned into cards that anyone can purchase at special places. The remaining twenty frames can be unlocked in a specially designed application on the Facebook page of I CAN TOO. There the people who have collected all the forty images will see how the whole story of Vesy.

The artists, who join the initiative are: Eliza Ivanova – animator at Pixar and a creator of the cult animations “The Cars” and “Brave”, Christo Stamboliev – Art director at DreamWorks Animation – Emmy Award winner for “The Penguins of Madagaskar”, Houben Tcherkelov – contemporary artist, who lives and works in New York, Valery Vasilev – Senior teacher at National Academy of Art, Rafail Nikolov – animator, the artists: Vesela Dancheva, Alexandra Kasabova, Petya Savova, Dennis Wilder, Nikolay Pecareff, Kaloian Toshev, Kokosyo, Ivaylo Gogov, the artists from Compote Collective: Yana Kazakova; Yoana Aleksandrova, Yasen Zgurovski, Ivan Bogdanov, Konstantin Zlatkov, Dmitry Yagodin and Youlian Tabakov, the artist from Distructive Creation, as well as the graffiti artists from 140 ideas: Yeto and JRMN.


YOU CAN TOO joint the initiative and give a happy course to a sad story. With each I CAN TOO card that you buy you change the lives of hundreds of children with special needs.


Here is how:

  1. Collect the first twenty cards HERE

  2. Go to the special Facebook tab and insert there the code from the back of the cards

  3. Each card you have bought opens a new card in the Facebook tab

  4. Only when you have collected the full set of twenty cards, you will find out how the fate of Vesy has changed.

Collecting those special cards you donate for children with special needs.



This initiative would not be possible without the in-kind support of: Saatchi & Saatchi, Identity, Destructive Creation, Office Idea, Virus Creative,, Atia, Fame Cards, JCDecaux, Idea Comm,, MIP Group, Tcikalov & Architects, Ruukki Bulgaria.


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