Green Line - I Can Too



Green Line - I Can Too

Green Line is a sign for charity and an expression of social engagement.
Any company has the opportunity to include its own product to Green Line by putting on it the identified sticker Green Line. I Can Percentage of the sales of this product goes for helping children with disabilities. 
In this way, the social identification of the product is presented, so that the consumer could make his social choice.
This is one of the ways to bring in the problems of children with disabilities in the society in order to solve them.


Friction Code is a brand for young active people with a strong personality united by their love of music.

The fashion brand supports I Can Too by donating 10 BGN of each bag Friction Code in support of children with special needs.

You can order bags at: I Can Too's office (Sofia, 12 Gurko Str), Hot Spot Plovdiv shop (Plovidv, 12 Patriarh Evtimii Str.), or at Friction Code

Mirta Medikus - The company is specialized in the production of plant extracts with therapeutic effect, bioactive foods, food additives and products.
This is the first company that joins the initiative.
Mirta Medicus donate 0.33 BGN from the selling of its products in support of Centre for Autistic children in Plovdiv.

Travel Store Maker - travel agency - donates percentage from reservations made through web site for the disabled children.

Plan Toys for I Can Too

Plan Toys - Part of the initiative Green Line - I Can Too


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