What We Do


I CAN TOO Foundation was established in 2006 by Nelly Radeva - a true believer that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE - with a mission to help children with special needs in Bulgaria and around the world.

Currently the majority of the impact is in Bulgaria but we are constantly working to reach as many affected children as possible.

Our small team is comprised of young devoted professionals who are fully dedicated to the mission of the foundation and personally driven by the impact that we make.

I CAN TOO work is supported by donations and in-kind contributions from businesses and individuals, fundraising through charity events, and by the non-monetary partnership of the Bulgarian government.


Our efforts today are focused on establishing treatment centers for autistic children in Bulgaria.

There are over 16,000 registered cases of children afflicted by autism in Bulgaria (it is likely that those numbers are much higher).

The main principle of I CAN TOO is that anyone can support and contribute by whatever he or she CAN do best. Following this principle, in 2008, in just five short months and entirely by in-kind donations, we established a rehabilitation center in Sofia, which currently treats over 370 children per month.

In 2015, we launched our second center in Plovdiv currently treating over 30 children.


I CAN TOO supports two other centers with which we have common goals - Center for Hope for Children with Multiple Disabilities and Louis Braille School for Children with Visual Impairment - by directing donations to them.


I CAN TOO also helps more than 650 children with special needs and their families by direct donations and other non-monetary support.


In 2012 I CAN TOO was registered in the US as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

The goal of I CAN TOO is to expand its activities in the USA and work together with other American and international organizations to improve the quality of life of more children and help their families through diagnostic and care facilities, patient education and raising awareness. The organization is developing a network of supporters and during the last five years there have been many events, dedicated to I CAN TOO in major US cities. The foundation is involving individuals, businesses, and has the non-monetary support of the Bulgarian diplomatic missions across the US. Its current projects are focused on Bulgaria and the USA. In Bulgaria it has already made a great impact.


Awareness-Building Achievements:


Social Events / Initiatives:


Over 300 social events organized by I CAN TOO


Increasing awareness about the problems of children with special needs and pushing for their integration in society.


Over 200 concerts, dedicated to I CAN TOO


Concerts dedicated to I CAN TOO or organized by the foundation with the great devotion of the famous Bulgarian artists. Promoting the mission of the organization; raising awareness in society.


Over 100 000 Christmas cards


Provided to our partners in exchange for their donations.


Celebrity / Ambassadors of I CAN TOO:


Over 300 Bulgarian and international celebrities have become faces of I CAN TOO and have been promoting the mission of the foundation worldwide.


Outdoor Campaigns:


I CAN TOO reaches more than 3 million people by means of outdoor and social activities:


Over 360 City Light Posters (best locations) promoting the social initiatives of I CAN TOO in Sofia - per year.

(Over 2,520 posters for the past seven years)

Sofia is a two-million people city and as the capital of Bulgaria, it attracts many visitors.

Over 240 City Light Posters in the biggest cities of Bulgaria: Plovdiv, Varna and Stara Zagora - per year.

(Over 1,680 posters for the past seven years)

Over 60 billboards in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna - per year.

(Over 420 billboards for the past seven years)

48 Backlight posters at Sofia Airport - per year.

(144 backlights for the past three years)

Increasing awareness among an international audience.

3 billboards at the lift station of Seven Rila Lakes Tourism Site yearly /for the past five years/

The national reserve is an attractive tourist destination that attracts over 30,000 - 40,000 people annually.

Web Presence and Social Media Marketing:

- The icantoo.eu website has over six million annual visits

- I CAN TOO promotes its actvities in the social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.


Media Campaigns (online, print and digital media):

Most of the Bulgarian online, print and digital media provide coverage about I CAN TOO initiatives.


Partner Network:

I CAN TOO has over 300 partners:

- The foundations has partners from all areas of business and entertainment, private entities and individuals, governmental and non governmental organizations.

They support I CAN TOO's initiatives with services, materials, work, ideas, contacts, and other in-kind donations.

- I CAN TOO's banner, logo, website is published on the web platforms of many partners.

- Many partners also include I CAN TOO's banner in their e-mail signature.

- I CAN TOO mailing list consists of more than 60,000 contacts who receive I CAN TOO's newsletter.


Volunteer Network in Bulgaria and in the USA:

Over 100 volunteers and interns involved with the activities of I CAN TOO:

- The volunteer network enables I CAN TOO to increase the social awareness of young people internationally.


Academic Awareness:

- The Founder and President of I CAN TOO – Nelly Radeva delivered lectures to students in Sofia University and New Bulgarian University about the mission and activities of the foundation focused on awareness building (and usege of media tools to raise public awareness on children with special needs).

- I CAN TOO foundation has been presented in academic papers and research, increasing awareness about the problems and the integration hindrances that children with special needs are subjected to. As a reputable foundation, I CAN TOO foundation has also participated in a survey, which gave its activities additional exposure.


* * *

Children with Special Needs that I CAN TOO Supports:

650 children supported by I CAN TOO

Redirecting donations; providing publicity to their cases through the icantoo.eu website and social media; supporting home modifications; supporting existing centers for children with special needs; engaging the children in I CAN TOO’s initiatives, which helps for their integration.


Two centers for children with special needs are continuously supported by I CAN TOO – by directing donors to them:

- “Louis Braile” School for Visually Impaired Children, Sofia;

- „Centre for Hope" - day-care center for children with multiple disabilities, Sofia.


Two Centers for children with special needs have been established by I CAN TOO:

- Medical Rehab Center for Children with Disabilities, Sofia (Established in 2008)

- Center for Children with Autism, Plovdiv (Established in 2015)


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