Adapted homes /small Centers/ for disabled children


Since 2009 I Can Too helps disabled children in adapting their homes

1. Merit
Houses, which environment and access allows free and safe mobility of children with disabilities, the services provided are comfortable and consistent with the use of specialized orthopedic and technical individual funds.
Such house can function and as a day care center - it can be attended by three children with disabilities per day.

2. Realization
„Habitat For Humanity - Bulgaria" grants interest - free loans with long repayment period to the families of children and youth with disabilities. The loans are to improve insulation and floor coverings, removing barriers and thresholds, expansion of doors, installing handrails, ramps, platforms, equipment with appropriate aids as well as for repairs of the sanitary facilities (installation of auxiliary equipment and holds, safety flooring, etc.), installing plugs, sinks at accessible height, installing auxiliary facilities for residential gateways and more.

3. Achieved goal
The house of Nadejda Dimitrova - a child with multiple disabilities has been adapted.
At her house, the flooring and the isolations have been repaired, all barriers and doorsteps have been removed, the doors have been expanded, ramps, handrails and platforms have been installed with the suitable aids. It has been placed an external platform (elevator), which allows access for wheelchairs.

4. Future goals
I Can Too (ICT) works and helps for the creations of other such adapted homes - centers.
Such houses - "fortresses" can be included in future projects for therapies and integration at home. By the principle of rotation can be conducted art therapies to small groups of young people with special needs, as well as exercise therapies, socializing and educational activities.
These houses are of special need for young people with complicated combinations with long term disabilities for which transportation is frequently not advised and for long periods of time their homes are transformed into hospitals, but they have the right for equal life and development as their peer.

5. Building a network of adapted houses
There is a possibility to be built a network of adapted houses for the needs of the families with children with disabilities.
The model of the existing adapted houses could be applied to others and that way to be established such "day care centers" throughout the country.



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