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Become a Superhero! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". Lao Tzu

The first step was taken six years ago. The idea is quite simple - everyone CAN change the world to a better place with their knowledge, abilities, willingness, selflessness, dedication, ideas, humanity, and heart! 
This was the beginning of the journey. A journey through time, art, life...

Then came the people. Each step forward leads to a different fate, to a story known by few or a story which only few want to know - about those "other" children. The initiatives began - without heartfelt speeches - only with the truth, sung in a song, painted in a picture, presented with a smile and hope. The truth that it is easy to help as long as you want to and the ways to help are many, as long as you think about them. The truth in three words: I Can Too.

Thanks to all efforts, along our path were born: Center for Children with Multiple Disabilities, Center for Hope, Louis Braille School for Children with Impaired Vision, Adapted Housing for children with disabilities, and our journey was joined by children and families who believe in the future, in goodness and even in the impossible.

None of this would have been possible without our superheroes - singing, painting, giving, loving and genuine, who continue to this day to walk with us on this journey and to do their contribution with the words I Can Too, engraved in their hearts and with the belief that we all CAN help things happen faster.

We now stand in front of our next challenge, our next step forward - the creation of a Center for Autistic Children in city of Plovdiv. The space for the center, provided gratuitously by the Municipality of Plovdiv, is in need of full renovation.

To achieve this goal we need more people to say I Can Too.

Become a superhero! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

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